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Why Choose Zynecoin

The Zynecoin will allow the team to build the first African Blockchain, seeking for start-ups that are workingin innovative and high-potential areas.

Safe & Secure

Smart Contracts built by our expert IT team to deliver the highet security standards.
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Rest assured, the DApps are reaching barely explored or unexplored African markets.
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The funds are safe under our integrated ERC-20 web wallet. Feel free to use any other at your convenience.
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Experts Support

The Zynecoin team remains available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at your convenience.
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Instant Exchange

Several exchanges will be put available for Zynecoin users along the way of the ICO.
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Mining Commissions

As a world premiere, the Zynecoin will enable computers to bring direct advantages to society.
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The Zynecoin (ERC-20: ZYN)

Zynecoin’s ERC-20 compliant token will make it easier for startups to scale globally giving them cryptocurrency that is accessible anywhere in the world. The Zynecoin token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses a decentralized registry system to record and verify transactions associated with it.

Zynecoin follows the standards of the Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EPI) and works on a two-contract system. Once verified, two smart contracts are created. The first corresponds to the Zynecoin token. The second is based on the ICO and will control, send, and receive funds as related to the ICO by the investors.

Team Member

Active and dynamic members.

Our expert board committee, focused on the soul purpose of expanding African possibilities.

Specialized advisors

Our specialized advisors focused in African markets, enabling the approach of a better understanding of African market inclusion.