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Introducing Zynecoin: the native coin of Wethio, Africa’s first and only ethical blockchain.

Wethio, meaning “exchange” in Wolof, was created in 2020 to tap into Africa’s vast potential for decentralization and blockchain technology. With a low level of banking and elevated cryptocurrency adoption rates, Africa is ripe for blockchain innovation.

Wethio’s mining commission distribution protocol is uniquely African and shared as follows:
-50% to Wethio Blockchain miners,
-25% to African state treasuries to promote sustainable development initiatives,
-25% to Selected NGOs.

By using the Wethio blockchain, you are supporting an ethical and community-driven ecosystem.

The Wethio blockchain is designed for smart contract development and token deployment (ZRC20). It also offers interoperability with other blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and has spawned a variety of decentralized apps (DApps) like Wethio Wallet, Wethio Scan, and Wethio Master.

To access these features and support the Wethio ecosystem, all transaction fees must be paid in Zynecoin.

Join us in building a more equitable and sustainable future with Wethio and Zynecoin.

For minors

(stakeholders who enable the maintenance and security of the blockchain and transactions)


(in the framework of conventions that accompany sustainable development at the heart of education, health, employment, ecology…)

Pour les NGOS

(which are selected on the basis of applications)

Zynecoin therefore has an undeniable ethical dimension.

Indeed, for each transaction carried out on the Wethio blockchain, a commission is automatically and systematically paid in Zynecoin into wallets intended exclusively for Africa.

The Wethio blockchain is intended to host the development of smart contracts (intelligent contracts that automate and secure tasks).

It is also possible to deploy tokens, which are ZRC20s. Some have already been developed there with very strong utility values.

From Wethio, bridges have been created allowing interoperability with other blockchains such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Also DApps (decentralised applications) have been created that allow interaction on the Wethio blockchain. DApps such as Wethio Wallet, Wethio Scan, Wethio Master, to name a few.

This whole ecosystem has a permanent impact on Zynecoin !

Indeed, in order to use all these features, it is necessary to pay transaction fees in Zynecoin.


Introducing the MisterZ incubator, set to drive the Wethio Ecosystem and propel the growth of Zynecoin.

MisterZ is a revolutionary platform that helps new crypto projects build a strong community and access the tools and resources they need to launch and develop their ideas.

MisterZ is also committed to being anti-scam, ensuring that investors’ funds are protected and released as each project progresses. This is made possible by the decentralized, traceable, and secure technology of the Wethio blockchain.

A community of experts will also be on hand to assess the credibility and feasibility of each project listed on MisterZ. This guarantees a high-quality selection of projects for investors.

Fundraising for these projects will be conducted exclusively in Zynecoin, which will significantly boost its speculative and utility value. With a limited supply of only 100,150,000 Zyn, Zynecoin is both a rare and valuable asset.
Just ten ICOs, each with a community of 10,000 people, have the potential to bring in 100,000 new investors in Zynecoin. This could propel the coin into the top 100 global rankings, increasing its visibility and interest in the crypto market.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in Zynecoin and be a part of the exciting future of the Wethio ecosystem.

A community of experts on MisterZ will also be responsible for the analysis, credibility and feasibility of each project.

These experts will guarantee a qualitative selection of the projects listed on the MisterZ incubator.

The ICOs (fundraising) of these projects will be carried out exclusively in Zynecoin, which will have a strong impact on its speculative value and will considerably strengthen its utility value.
This will be all the more impactful as the circulating supply of Zynecoin is very limited!

This supply is limited to only 100,150,000 Zyn, which is very little compared to the supply of other current crypto projects listed on CoinMarketCap.

targetgold_and_black 1 (2)

So we can say that ZYNECOIN IS RARE!
It is easy to imagine that with the prospect of only a dozen ICOs with a community of 10,000 people each, this will potentially make 100,000 new investors for Zynecoin…

This could drive the Zynecoin price to very high levels, allowing it to enter the top 100 of the global rankings.
This ranking would give Zynecoin international visibility in the cryptocurrency market, increasing its appeal to the cryptosphere tenfold.




Official Launch of Wethio Blockchain






Zynecoin allocation (ZYN)

In total, 170 million Zynecoin tokens were created on Ethereum (ERC20). 

51,009,352 (ZYN) were sold from our ICO, the rest (118,990,648 ZYN) were destroyed. 

The ZYN issuance on the Wethio protocol will be limited to 100,150,000 (ZYN), which is 69,850,000 less than the initial issuance.

Token allocation based on 100,150,000 total issue :



“Wethio Blockchain made in Morocco”


“Zynecoin: Unleashing the immense potential of the African economy”

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“Wethio Blockchain made in Morocco”


“Zynecoin : Libérer l’immense potentiel de l’économie africaine”
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