Zyne Incubator

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Zynecoin provides the entrepreneurs who want to participate in the African upside, along with the support which is needed to give a push to the launch & the growth of their ventures. In the digital era, it has become a catalyst tool which brings powerful synergies between creators of new entities and the collaborative inhouse legal, financial & market strategists.

Zyne Academy

An Expert Team

This advisory committee composed of Mr. Khalid SBAI and Mr. Amine MOUKIT will have a role of analysis, audit and advice on the viability of the various projects that will be submitted to the organization ZYNECOIN.

They will be able to bring through their experience a reasoned opinion in favor, or against the ideas that will be submitted to us. Thus, they will allow us to focus our decisions as best as possible in order to select the most coherent projects to accompany.

Khalid SBAÏ

Strategic Planning & International Business Development


CEO of CDVI Morocco Consultant for the Use & Lend project