Zynecoin: The Future of Currency in Africa

27 January 2019
Cryptocurrency is on the verge of truly revolutionizing money, trade, and investments. With all the buzz and promise surrounding this technology, it’s no surprise that there are a number of players on the scene, from crypto giants like Bitcoin to smaller entities like Dogecoin. And ...
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What Is Zynecoin?

24 January 2019
Zynecoin is a cryptocurrency and blockchain system designed to support startups throughout Africa. But it’s also a great human adventure, the result of a team of people from different backgrounds. Who Is Behind Zynecoin? Zynecoin came to be as a collaboration between three forward thinkers: Jihad ...
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Constructing the future of Africa

21 January 2019
Zynecoin Constructing the future of Africa Background & History Zynecoin (ERC-20: Zyne) is a blockchain system created with the aim of supporting and rewarding talented innovators and entrepreneurs throughout Africa. To ensure maximum security, Zynecoin’s smart contracts are backed by Ethereum’s well-established blockchain system. The Zynecoin team is ...
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